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Want the insider’s guide to unlocking your unique skin story? Easy: your skin is simply a reflection of what is happening inside your body.

With inner disharmony (originating from nutrition, stress and lifestyle) comes outer disharmony and dull, lacklustre and problematic skin.

But when your body is in a state of harmony and balance, your skin naturally glows with luminous health and beauty.

Which is why at The Facialist we marry innovative science with the nurturing elements of nature to transform your skin from the inside out. We craft bespoke skin prescriptions that consider your diet, lifestyle and a myriad of other factors to guide your skin to a state of perfect health and harmony.

Working at a cellular level we increase cell respiration and detoxification, stimulate blood flow and lymph drainage, whilst improving superficial clarity and radiance.
From addressing redness, irritation, blemishes and discolouration through to hydration, fine lines and wrinkles, The Facialist combines results with relaxation for a holistically nurturing experience that will transform your skin story.

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Ashleigh Scott is the founder and director at The Facialist. A skin care aficionado with an affinity for creating bespoke skin care solutions and prescriptions (that work!), Ashleigh is devoted to continually expanding and building on her already considerable skin care experience and knowledge.

Ashleigh began her career in Auckland, NZ as a beauty therapist but moved to London several years later when she tired of working solely with machines and lasers. It was in London that she worked as a facialist for an exclusive Knightsbridge clinic and was mentored by the very best in the industry on how to gently and effectively nurture healthy and balanced skin.

Preferring a rococo philosophy to skincare, Ashleigh believes that facials should be less about allowing a machine to do all the work (often to the detriment of her client’s skin) and more about a more progressive and relaxingly hands-on and holistic approach to radiant skin.

It is this technique that she now practices at The Facialist. There are no needles or machines in her signature range of facials and treatments – just her hands, along with the very best products from across the globe – to indulge in a facial the way it should be … hands on.

Ashleigh also incorporates the practice of Reiki into her bespoke facials to truly transform her clients experience from skin to soul.

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Kate began her career in beauty therapy 13 years ago in South Africa, since then her career has progressed, working in London for four years in a prestigious, holistic spa. And now to Auckland where she is the Clinic Manager of The Facialist. Kate worked as an educator in Ayurvedic therapies and world class services. Having been exposed to the Ayurvedic wellness philosophy, Kate has a passion for education and sharing her knowledge with her clients, not only to delight their expectations with specifically tailored skin-transforming treatment plans, but also help them to connect mind, body and soul with her incredible touch and immense knowledge of skin. “Do what you love and people will love what you do”.

Kate is fully trained in the Ashleigh Scott facial technique and is available for bookings Tuesday to Saturday, with a late night on Wednesday and Thursday’s until 8pm.

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A keen devotee of actively nurturing your holistic health, Lydia is passionate about all aspects of wellness including skin, diet, exercise and state of mind. Harnessing and employing these elements in her facials and skincare treatments, she is passionate about achieving beautiful results for her clients.

Lydia has worked in award-winning spas across Auckland and Europe, most recently at the Guerlain Spa in Amsterdam. Lydia’s experience in the Luxury Spa industry has turned her passion for naturally active skincare and environmentally friendly beauty into a healthy obsession.

Lydia is fully trained in the Ashleigh Scott facial technique and is available for bookings Tuesday to Saturday with a late night on Wednesday and Thursday’s until 8pm.

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