Light Lounge

Light Lounge

Skin Rejuvenation Bar

 Light Lounge is a completely new concept to New Zealand and is the ultimate express beauty experience.  Incorporating the rejuvenating powers of light therapy, these treatments are easily accessible in todays busy lives. Pop in for a 20minute treatment and leave feeling energised and radiant! The ultimate lunch time pick me up, or party skin prep.

Light lounge is the answer for non-invasive skin rejuvenation, anti-ageing and sun damage. It is also incredible for treating many skin conditions. With just 20minutes under the light your skin is energised, collagen production is stimulated, your skin is rejuvenated and sun damage repairs. You will leave the Light Lounge with plumper, smoother more radiant skin. 

Benefits include:

Repairs and rejuvenates the skin | Reduction of lines and wrinkles | Boosts collagen production | Improves skin tone and texture | Fast wound healing | Great for treating acne, dermatitis, eczema and rosacea | Encourages skins production of hyaluronic acid (hydration boosting)

What to expect: 

Non-invasive, relaxing treatment (it feels like your lying on the beach, only with completely positive effects – unlike the sun!)

20 minute treatment

You leave feeling energised and radiant

Book Your Light Lounge Here


Book Your Light Lounge Here