For your wedding day you want your skin to look fresh, radiant and youthful. When your skin looks great, invariably your makeup will sit well on top of it – enhancing your natural features and beauty. This week, Ashleigh the owner of Ashleigh Scott Facialist, gives her expert advice on preparing your skin for the big day. From hydration levels to specific skin concerns, this article outlines the steps to achieve healthy and gorgeous skin for your wedding.

When I prep my client’s skin for their wedding day we primarily focus on getting their skin to a state of perfect health. Once skin is at this stage, it feels comfortable, looks healthy and glows.

One of the first things I work on with my clients is increasing the hydration of their skin. So many of us battle with topical dehydration – especially at this time of year, coming out of winter. When your skin is dehydrated it doesn’t function normally; skin looks dull, becomes congested, breakouts take longer to heal and lines appear deeper.

Once we have normalized your hydration levels, many of your other concerns will either disappear or appear less obvious. At this stage, skin is functioning to its best ability, and we can look to treat deeper and correct any other issues.

If you have very specific skin concerns such as acne, pigmentation, scarring or anything deep set, then we may need to start work on your skin up to six months prior to your wedding day, and this can involve monthly facials, diet and lifestyle changes, as well as an at-home skincare regime. All of which will be prescribed at the time of your consultation.

For someone who is happy with the state of their skin but just wants to make sure they are looking their very best, it is a great idea to do a series of facials leading up to the day to maintain and further improve the appearance of your skin. Your body will be experiencing raised stress levels and you may be out of routine with eating and sleeping patterns, all of which can severely affect your skin. Having a facial will rebalance your skin and sort out any minor concerns.

In my eight week bridal package we carry out a series of six weekly facials, offering a combination of treatments targeted at increasing hydration for plumpness and suppleness, enzyme peels for radiance and clarity and deep facial massage for toned and lifted facial contours.

We also look at changes in your diet by increasing EFAs (omega 3 and 6), which help to reduce inflammation and moisturize skin from the inside out. We will also help you to remove certain foods that could be contributing to congestion and other skin disorders. In doing this we can very successfully treat many skin conditions.

Whilst regular facials are a very important part of getting your skin into great shape, they are not the whole answer! You also need to have a daily at home regime that will work towards getting your skin healthy.

In the evening you must always double cleanse – the first cleanse will remove any makeup, dirt and oil from the skin, the second cleanse will actually cleanse the skin. This will allow for better product absorption and clearer skin. Follow this with a corrective serum and moisturizer.

In the morning it is not necessary to cleanse again – you can do more harm by over cleansing your skin. I recommend soaking the skin for several minutes and follow with an antioxidant serum, day cream and SPF.

By booking a facial and implementing your own daily skincare regime, you’ll be well on the way to preparing your skin to look fresh, radiant and youthful for your big day!