Something that not everyone (anyone??) likes to talk about. But an important subject when it comes to our skin and internal health.

If we are not eliminating toxins effectively they begin to build up in our body before secreting out onto our skin. This can cause dull devitalized skin as well as contributing to skin disorders like acne, blemishes and eczema.

Ever wondered why you are constantly breaking out (usually on your forehead and centre of chin) persistently and no skincare product will help.

How often are you moving your bowels? What is normal? I often ask my clients and get a response something like “oh yes I go every few days. That’s always been normal for me”. Well unfortunately that’s just not enough. To effectively detoxify we need to be eliminating every day. Sometimes, multiple times a day!

Our bodies are provided with an efficient detox system, and provided we eat healthy diets and drink enough water we should detox naturally everyday.

However this isn’t always possible, so a “cleanse” from time to time will give your liver a chance to detoxify. For an effective detox you need to reduce intake of substances that tax the liver (alcohol, coffee, sugar, wheat, trans fat and processed foods) as well as increase nutrient dense foods to optimize your livers detoxification pathways.

TIP: begin your day with the juice of half a lemon in warm water. This will effectively prepare our digestive system, enabling us to absorb more vital nutrients.

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