Whilst we in Auckand were blessed with a totally awesome Summer, Autumn is slowly setting in and the cooler mornings and dark nights are telling us that winter is only a couple of months away!

I personally hate winter; I find the dark and cold so depressing. So its really important for me to have creative projects on the go and keep my head down and focused. It’s also not kind to my skin! Most skins favor the humid climates and as the moisture begins to drop from the air at this time of year, we begin to notice our skins becoming dehydrated.

Now is a great time of year to re-asses your skincare regime and change things up for the winter months. If you are in Auckland you can book a free Skincare Tune Up with one of our Facialist’s until the end of April 2016. Otherwise here are some simple tips to help you shake things up!

Some ways to combat the winter dehydration is to mix up your soaking ritual. If you have ever had a facial with us, you will be aware of the soaking ritual and how all our Facialist’s are obsessed with moisture in our skin! Try a different fragrance for your soaking drops. My new obsession is the Soothing Soaking Drops. The rich, herbal smell is so warming and calming on the senses and will be a great one to get you through winter. Remember to keep your water warm, but not super hot.

Change your cleanser to something ultra nourishing to ensure you are locking more lipids into your skin. The Tribeca Cleansing Balm is a luxurious balm cleanser, which is perfect for the cooler winter months. It gives you a lovely deep cleanse, without stripping the skin. Your skin is left nourished and glowing!

Add a Revitilising Night Cream into your regime to boost skins glow and elasticity. This is a great one for anyone experiencing loss of firmness, dullness and lack-lusture skin.

If you are in air-conditioning all day, keep one of our hydrating, floral mists at your desk for easy hydration of tired, dull skin. Spritz onto skin several times throughout the day to combat the drying effects of air conditioning, refresh makeup and restore skins natural glow!

Don’t forget the you can book a free Skincare Tune Up with one of our Facialist’s until the end of April, to fine tune your skincare regime for the winter months and make sure you are still on track to achieving your best skin yet!

Image source: Made From Scratch