Keratosis pilaris aka the bumpy skin on the backs of arms.

Keratosis pilaris is a hereditary condition that can also occur on the thighs and cheeks. It is most obvious during the teenage years and eases as we get older.

Although this condition is harmless, sufferers can find it unsightly and annoying. There is no cure but you can certainly lessen the appearance and smooth out the texture. The temptation is to scrub at the skin to smooth it, but it actually responds better if you treat it gently and more like a sensitive skin.

I suffer from this condition and I get great results using the Janesce Soothing Mist and EC Lotion B as a body moisturiser. I apply these two products after a shower or bath. Occasionally I also use the Gentle Enzyme Peel to gently soften down the bumps.

It is great to have an option to treat it and although these products won’t cure it, they will certainly greatly reduce the appearance and rough texture.

Both of these products are specialised Naturopathic products.