The neck and decolletage can often be the biggest giveaway of skins age. Many poeple invest in a good skincare routine and have beautiful skin on their face, but it ends at their jawline.

When it comes to this, the French do it right. Treating right down to the bust with their skincare. The skin down the neck and on the décolletage is the same as the skin on the face. It needs to be treated with the same delicate care and product.

Why not go a step further even, apply product to the backs of your hands as well. Another area that is constantly left exposed to the elements, and often goes untreated. Rub any extra product, including spf, onto the backs of your hands.

In our facials we always treat the entire upper body. From the face, neck, décolletage and right down the upper arms and back. Leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated all over!