Do you get overwhelmed when looking through a treatment menu, trying to decide what facial you need? It can be very hard to know yourself, exactly what your skin needs. Especially when faced with several different choices.

I recently shared an experience I had, on Facebook. I was treated to a facial (lucky me!) at a Spa in Auckland. when I got there I was asked to fill out a consultation from, before I was taken into the treatment room and sat down with my therapist. She looked through my form and without first talking to me about my skin of even looking at my skin, she decided that she needed to use a hydration range. This conclusion was made based solely on what I had written on my consultation form. She then went and got the products while I got into the bed and began the facial.

It was a nice facial, don’t get me wrong but what I am getting at here is that it was just a bog standard treatment given to anyone with “dehydrated skin”.

With everyone’s skin needs being so different it is impossible to have stock standard treatments and to follow a rigid step by step protocol. Skin is constantly changing so it is important to be flexible with your skin and do what it needs, when it needs it. For example, my skin is dehydrated but it is also congested, so it really needed a good deep cleansing before the hydration. But by only treating the hydration, half of my concerns were missed.

My facials are based solely on time. Each facial is bespoke and made especially to suit your individual skin at the time of the treatment, and to target your specific skin concerns. There are no extravagant add on options, what you need is what your skin will get.

Each and every facial will begin with a thorough skin analysis to find out about your concerns, current routine and internal wellness. The treatment will then be customized especially for you.

Even if you get monthly facials, often you will not experience the exact same treatment twice. You cannot expect your skin to stay the same, it is constantly changing (and hopefully for the better), so it is important that as we start to correct one area of concern we then move onto another, in order to continue to get the best results.

No more should you have to choose between a relaxing facial that will do nothing for your skin or a harsh and unenjoyable treatment with amazing results. You can have both! As these facials are made for you, each and every individual can benefit from one and see results!