We are firm believers that clear, happy & glowing skin begins with cleansing. It is the cornerstone of any good skincare regime, but get it wrong and your skin can become unbalanced, unhappy and irritated.

Follow our simple steps and you’ll notice the difference in no time!

Step 1: In the evening only double cleanse your skin with your favorite cleanser.
Apply your cleanser onto dry skin with dry hands. You do not need to use a separate

cleanser, apply your cleanser directly on top of makeup. Add water to emulsify before removing with a warm muslin cloth.
Repeat this step if wearing makeup or SPF.

Step 2: Run a muslin cloth under warm water and press to your skin for 5 seconds. Repeat this 5 times to saturate the top layers of your skin with moisture. Once hydrated, lock the moisture into your skin by applying your serum and moisturizer straight onto damp skin.

In the morning there is no need to cleanse your skin again. Simply follow step 2 to rehydrate your skin and have a GLOWING day!