Gua Sha is an ancient chinese practice which has become popular in recent years for its ability to sculpt cheekbones, define jawlines, de-puff the face, and generally get skin glowing.

Benefits of Gua Sha include:

  • Boosting circulation
  • Reducing puffiness
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Sculpting facial muscles
  • Brightening the complexion
  • Tightening skin
  • Releasing muscle tension

Even if you’re having regular facials, doing something to your skin everyday makes the biggest difference. The biggest benefit of Gua Sha is boosting blood circulation. When we do this, fresh oxygen and nutrients are brought to the surface of the skin, and toxins and waste are taken away. This leaves skin looking more supple, glowy and healthy. As well as reduced puffiness and tension.

Gua Sha can be done daily, or a minimum of 2-3x per week. For best results apply your serum, oil or moisturiser to the skin and Gua Sha over top. This will provide slip for the massage, but the movements will also help your product penetrate deeper.

Our Gua Sha is made from 100% Rose Quartz. Gua Sha stones can vary in material and it doesn’t matter too much which one you use, but we love the healing power of the Rose Quartz crystal and the energy it brings to your skincare routine. We have two Gua Sha shapes to choose from. Our original which is a classic shape and great for treating the face. Sculpt is a more unique shape which we love for really getting into the contours of the face. It’s perfect for working around the eyes, or into any other tension points, especially the jawline and under cheekbones, creating a more defined, sculpted look.

Follow Lola’s Gua Sha routine below.