Janesce Suncare lotion is a very special product, unlike any other sun protection available on the market. It can be a tough one for people to wrap their heads around, but it is certainly one of my favourite products in the range.

UV is a source of free radicals that damage our skin, prematurely ageing it and causing all sorts of imperfections. However, like all free radicals they are able to be neutralised by antioxidants and this is how the Janesce Suncare Lotion works. Rich in beta carotene and vitamin C, this product saturates the upper layers of our skin with these powerful antioxidants, a process that takes 7 to 10 days. Over this time the antioxidants it contains are stored in the tiny spaces between the layers of skin cells in the outer most stratum of the skin. This stratum contains between 20 to 30 layers of cells and each layer becomes an antioxidant-filled barrier, capable of reducing the negative effects of the sun and greatly improving our skin’s ability to cope.

All this activity is cumulative and it takes 7 to 10 days for the skin to be fully prepared. Because the SPF rating used in other chemical barriers must offer immediate protection, the SPF rating system does not work for the Janesce Suncare Lotion. Instead, your skin is in a constant state of protection provided it is used daily.

Another thing I love about this product is that, unlike conventional sunscreens, it does not interfere with the natural protective mechanisms your skin already has in place to protect itself. One of these mechanisms is the production of melanin, a dark pigment that forms a tan, the Janesce Suncare Lotion won’t suppress this process because it is an important part of your natural sun resilience. The Janesce Suncare lotion also allows our skin to keep producing vitamin D unlike many sun blocks available on the market.

The Janesce Suncare Lotion is a ‘must have’ product all year round as it offers a completely different, non-chemical approach to sun protection that also allows the skin to carry on it’s normal functioning. If you are going to be exposed to high levels of UV radiation, by all means boost your protection by adding a chemical sun block but for most days of normal sun exposure, the Suncare Lotion is enough. But remember, it must be used everyday to be effective because everyday you skip will have repercussions 7 to 10 days later.