The Yoga Facial

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This bespoke facial is exclusive to The Facialist’s treatment menu.

Gua Sha Facial

What it’s for

Essentially, this is a gym workout for your face.

Seal of approval

This was one of my favourites facials in all 15 years of beauty editing.

The Facialist Auckland Salon
Yoga Facial

Our Experience

I love facials, but I was in for a pleasant surprise with this one because it was like nothing I had ever had – this facial doesn’t use any skin care products. Instead, it’s an intensive facial massage, using a small amount of face oil along with firm massage techniques that give the muscles in your face a rigorous and rejuvenating treatment.

The reason behind this? Just like our body needs a workout to keep in tip-top shape, so does our face. This treatment works to relieve tension from stress points such as the jaw and eye area while also working to lift and tone muscles that can stiffen as a result of the day-to-day grind.

Our Verdict

I loved it. When I realised there was no skin care involved, I was dubious, but I don’t know if I have ever left a facial feeling so invigorated. This is a treatment I would make a regular booking for.

Book it in if…

You feel like your skin tone and texture is feeling lacklustre and in need of a workout to help these concerns and increase collagen production. This facial has been created by founder Ashleigh Scott to provide the face with all of the benefits the body has by practising yoga.

Experience The Yoga Facial

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