At what age should you start looking after your skin?

Well, the good news it that it is never too early, or too late! Although I do have to say the number of middle ago women who come to me with concerns that took place when they were young and are now trying to correct is too great.

It is very easy for us young birds to look at our skin and think, “eh it looks good now, I don’t need to worry about it for a while.” And unless you have suffered from bad skin as a teenager, (hands up who has been there, I certainly have) you may not understand the importance of prevention and protecting the skin. After all it is far easier to stop something from happening than to try and fix it once it is already there.

Good skincare should begin from a young age. Basically when you hit puberty you should begin a basic cleansing and moisturising routine. From there you can gradually introduce more, as more concerns arise. For example if you start to suffer from hormonal breakouts you can introduce a clay mask. But if you begin with a very thorough cleansing and moisturising routine, the rest will fall into place.

And what about treatments? Again it is never too early, or for that matter too late, to invest in regular facials. What you don’t want to do to young skin is flood it with harsh acids, dermabrasions and lasers. This can do too much damage to a young, delicate skin that really doesn’t need it. Because of the nature of my job and the age that I began working in the industry I was having microdermabrasion and acid peels from around 17 years old. This is so extreme on such young skin and it really doesn’t need a treatment so aggressive. I now have regular, deep cleansing and hydrating facials and my skin is far better off.

So it is about maintenance. And maintenance can mean different things to different people. For someone with concerns that we are working on correcting, it can mean monthly facials with a strict homecare routine. Or for someone more concerned with preserving their skin and making sure they don’t get that sudden scare when they hit 40 and realize that they have never shown any care for their face and suddenly have lines there to stay, it can be as simple as 2-3 yearly facials as well as a thorough homecare regime.

The one thing that stays the same throughout is a decent at home regime. 80% of the changes in your skin will come from the products you are using at home on a daily basis. The other 20% is what we can treat in clinic with facials.

Whatever your age, take steps to put in place good routines, and stick to the every day. Don’t be afraid to change it now and then, as our skins change so to should our products.

If you would like more information or advice on what you should be using, I offer complete skin consultations for $65 – this is fully redeemable on purchase of product.