Recently as the weather improves I am hearing a lot of mixed messages about pigmentation. I want to set the record straight surrounding this topic and help you through the summer, as safely as possible for your skin.

Pigmentation is, hands down that trickiest skin condition to treat. I am very confident in treating any and all skin conditions but (I know you will be disappointed to hear) this one I cannot guarantee a result with.

UVA (the damaging rays that cause sun damage and ageing) can penetrate through clouds, glass and even light clothing. So the importance of wearing a broad spectrum SPF daily is a necessity. Even on a cloudy, overcast day these UVA rays are still present and are the biggest cause for premature photo-ageing. Often wearing your sun protections is still not enough, you need to cover yourself with a hat, sunglasses and clothing. And where possible avoid being in direct sunlight for periods of time.

There are many treatments out there that claim to get rid of pigmentation. Lasers and chemical peels are most commonly used. These may have an immediate effect of lightening the pigmentation, but what they are actually doing is eroding the stratum corneum (the superficial layer of skin), which in turn reduces the skins ability to protect itself from UV. Meaning that as soon as your skin is in contact with UV rays that pigmentation will come back. This temporary fading can cause long-term damage. Not to mention the inflammatory effect it has on the skin, can be incredibly ageing in itself. It can be a pricy and uncomfortable exercise without the desired results.

The other type of pigmentation, caused by hormonal imbalances, either through pregnancy, contraceptive pill or other hormonal conditions can be easier treated. If you are on a contraceptive pill and have experienced this, then it is advisable to change pills until you find one that is right for you.

Use of Janesce Shades of Pale serum and lotion can often have a great effect on some pigmentation. Again, there is no guaranteed result here. It works wonders on some skins but may do nothing to another.  Regardless it is still a great product full of amazing herbs, not found in any other product. It is worth a try if you have pigmentation and even if it has no effect on your pigmentation, it will still do wonders for you skin. Evening skin tone and brightening the skin.